What we know school is...

Boring (most of the time) because not all teachers are using technology, and most things are too easy for us. We do work sheets to take up time. I say that, because they can tell what we know by just asking us what we know. Not giving us worksheets. If you do a worksheet, they may be guessing, and not actually knowing what they are doing. It's boring if they're talking, while we sit. We don't like talking heads. I said (most of the time) because when We're in Ms. Whites class, things are fun. They are fun because we get to use technology. We have open access to the internet, to get information on anything we need to know. Also Homework doesn't help ANYONE at all, because it is more worksheets... Useless

Useless (most of the time) I say that because, we are learning things that we already know, and we have already taken tests on that. I say (most of the time) because learning technology can be useful for when you grow up.

Bad for the environment. I say that because we use SO much paper!