We want school to...

We want our school to be the best that it can be. Our education is very important to us. Don't you think? When we learn we end up learning even more. What I am trying to say is that once you learn something, you think about it, you get questions and you learn more. If they cut the things we like most about school we will just lose the will to learn.

What we want…

We also want our school to have more games instead of the teacher just explaining the things we need to know.
In fact... we would also like to have more outdoor activities.
To have more partner work instead of working alone. ( I mean why do teachers make us have a partner on the easy stuff? Also why do we have to work alone on the hard stuff?)
Less piles of worksheets and more computer work because we are in the 21 century.
For example... we get so many tests and maybe a little less worksheets would make our day.